Annual Integrated Report 2022-23

Deepak CARES

In our journey of over five-decades, we have demonstrated a spirit of resilience and the ability to stand steadfast in the face of a complex, dynamic, challenging and ever evolving environment. Our consistent efforts have enabled us to build a robust organisation with efficient processes and transparent practices. With a team of skilled and motivated human resources, we have been able to fulfil our responsibilities towards our stakeholders.

Our approach remains consistent as we stay agile, reflecting our philosophy of growing responsibly, driving shared value-creation and ensuring a sustainable future. This was reflected in our resounding performance in FY 2022-23 despite a challenging macro-economic environment. Our teams successfully overcame unprecedented challenges to achieve sound performance while maintaining a level of agility and responsiveness. We adhered to our delivery commitments despite the volatile business environment as well as higher input and logistics costs. We supported employees and business partners by ensuring their health and safety as well as by honouring our commitments in time. We intend to develop stronger relationships with strategic customers and capture the opportunities presented by shifts in the industry landscape. As we do so, we will continue to prioritise process improvement and operational excellence.

We have demonstrated to our stakeholders that they can really depend on Deepak, because Deepak cares about the well-being, growth and progress of all of its stakeholders and also the environment. We continue to progress towards our goal of becoming a diversified chemical company that cares for all its stakeholders while maintaining strong leadership position in key products and processes even as we innovate to generate higher value.

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