Annual Integrated Report 2022-23

Harnessing Resources for Sustainable Value Creation

Our strategic approach involves efficiently utilising available resources to drive long-term economic, social and environmental benefits. We recognise that the resources available to us are for sustainable value creation, building resilience, addressing societal needs and ensuring a positive legacy for future generations. It requires optimising the use of financial, human, natural, social & relationship and intellectual capital to foster innovation, productivity and responsible business practices.

Financial capital refers to the monetary value that a company acquires from capital providers. This capital is utilised to facilitate business operations and generate profits, which are subsequently distributed among shareholders. Additionally, it serves as a means to finance future business activities and support the company’s growth plans.

Management approach

Create value for stakeholders through sustainable growth

Value created/enhanced

4,000+ Crores

Net worth

Debt Free
(Net Basis)

Dividend of ₹ 7.50 per equity share (375%) of ₹ 2.00 each for FY 2022-23 aggregating ₹ 102.29 Crores
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Manufactured capital encompasses the tangible and intangible infrastructure employed by the company to generate value through business activities. We are diligently overseeing our capital investments to cultivate a collection of assets that contribute to creating value for our customers.

Management approach

State-of-the-art global standard plants, functional assets and optimally utilised facilities

Value created/enhanced

1+ MN

Metric Tonnes of Products Manufactured


High Quality Products


Product Variants

9.2 MN

Manhours without loss time incident at Phenols facility

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This comprises of the collective skills and experience of our workforce and plays a pivotal role in adding value to our business outcomes. It is the knowledge, expertise, creativity and dedication of our employees that drive innovation, productivity and ultimately contribute to our success.

Management approach

Our recognition of the importance of human capital translates into attracting top talent, nurturing their growth and creating an inclusive and engaging work environment that enables them to thrive and make a meaningful impact.

Value created/enhanced


Employee Engagement Score

1.50+ Crores

Revenue per Employee


Strong Workforce

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This encompasses our proprietary knowledge and the innovations we drive to enhance our offerings. By leveraging our intellectual capital, we are able to add significant value to our business outcomes. Through the effective management and utilisation of our intellectual capital, we aim to stay at the forefront of innovation, maintain a competitive edge and drive sustainable growth.

Management approach

Consider innovation as a strategic element of the Company

Value created/enhanced


New product/ process launched


No. of Cumulative Patents Granted


Software Systems in use for Digitalisation of Processes

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Our stakeholder relationships within the value chain and local communities are vital for long-term value creation and securing social approval for our operations. By fostering strong connections and engaging with our stakeholders, we build trust, enhance collaboration and generate positive social impact.

Management approach

Build strong relationships based on transparency, open communication and mutual respect. Foster positive change and improve the overall quality of life for people in the areas where we are present.

Value created/enhanced


Lives improved through our CSR initiatives


Customers across



Long-term Customer Relations
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We recognise our reliance on the utilities and resources provided by nature and are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, minimising our impact on the natural environment.

Management approach

Through efficient business processes, sustainable practices and responsible resource management, reduce our ecological footprint. Prioritise the conservation to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations.

Value created/enhanced

4,20,000+ KL

Water Reused and Recycled


Reduction in GHG Emission


Score in TfS by Dahej Division

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