Annual Integrated Report 2022-23

Value Creation Model


  • Equity: ₹ 27.28 Crores
  • Reserves: ₹ 4,063 Crores
  • Capital employed: ₹ 4,335 Crores
  • Property, plant and equipment: ₹ 1,898 Crores
  • Manufacturing facilities: 6
  • Assets under construction: ₹ 283 Crores
  • Investments in operational excellence and health and safety
  • Capital expenditure: ₹ 142 Crores
  • Digitalisation/technology/process improvement initiatives
  • R&D professionals employed: 98
  • Sustained investments in R&D
  • Employees and workers: on payroll: 2,204
  • Contractual employees and workers: 3,154
  • Women employees: 89
  • Total hours of training: 60,757
  • Continuous investment in training and development and health and safety initiatives
  • Customers: 1,000+
  • Strong distribution network
  • Suppliers: 400+
  • CSR expenditure: ₹ 20.96 Crores
  • Environment expenditure: ₹ 60+ Crores
  • Investment in effluent plant and environment management system, environment/biodiversity conservation
  • Efficient use of Natural resources


  • Revenue: ₹ 8,020 Crores (Y-o-Y growth of 17%)
  • EBITDA: ₹ 1,337 Crores
  • Profit After Tax: ₹ 852 Crores
  • EPS: ₹ 62.46
  • Return on Capital Employed (RoCE): 27%
  • Dividend: ₹ 7.50 per share (375%)
  • 30+ High Quality Products
  • 1 MN TPA of Production
  • Fatality: Nil
  • 120%+ utilisation of Phenol Plant
  • New products/process launched: 4
  • Cumulative patent applications filed: 60
  • Cumulative patents granted: 21
  • ₹ 1.50+ Crores Revenue per employee
  • Highly motivated employees
  • Impacted 6,00,000+ lives through CSR activities
  • Long-term Customer Relationships
  • Healthy Relations with Supply Chain Partners
  • Water recycled: 4,20,000+ KL
  • Increased use of Renewable Energy
  • 36% Water recycled from Waste
  • water generated


Strong governance practices
Effective risk management
Deep culture of innovation
Skilled people
Environmentally sustainable operations

Our team focusses on innovating new compounds/ value-added products, improving processes of existing products, recovery of products from effluents

Raw Material is procured from suppliers and transported to plants via water and surface transport

The products are sent to B2B customers across diverse sectors through water and surface transport

We use various complex processes to manufacture products across Advanced Intermediates and Phenolics. The effluents generated during the manufacturing process are recovered to develop by-products where possible and the rest are treated for safe disposal

For providers of financial capital

We deliver consistent, profitable and responsible growth

For our people

We strive to provide equal opportunities to all our employees, ensure capacity building, training and a safe work environment

For suppliers

We ensure an optimum supply chain with competent suppliers for seamless operations. We also engage and collaborate with our suppliers closely for knowledge enhancement, process improvements and product applications

For customers

Value to customers by providing high-quality and sustainable products

For communities around us

We contribute towards improving the living conditions of communities around us through our CSR activities and, at the same time, ensure that our production processes do not have any adverse impact on the environment

For providers of financial capital

We deliver consistent, profitable and responsible growth

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