Annual Integrated Report 2022-23

Key Highlights of FY 2022-23

Financial highlights

8,020 Crores



YoY growth

4,090 Crores

Net worth


YoY growth

102 Crores

Dividend Payout


YoY growth

Operational highlights

120% +

Capacity Utilisation Phenol Plant


TfS score at first attempt by Dahej Division


In our journey of over five-decades, we have demonstrated a spirit of resilience and the ability to stand steadfast in the face of a complex, dynamic, challenging and ever evolving environment.

Key numbers that define us


High Quality Products




Countries where we export


Countries where we export


Modern manufacturing facilities


Project Sites under construction

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Our footprint

Message from the Chairman & Managing Director

For Deepak, sustainability is neither a corporate social responsibility nor a cost line-item, rather it is a business imperative that is at the forefront. It forms a core of what we do and how we grow as an organisation.

Chairman and Managing DirectorDeepak C. Mehta

Executive Director & CEO’s Message

In FY 2022-23 we asked key stakeholders a question: “how can we create more value for you?” Their answers prompted us to create succinct value drivers for 4 pillars i.e. shareholders, customers, people and community and we pledge to align ourselves with these statements.

Executive Director and CEOMaulik D. Mehta

Message from Executive Director - Deepak Phenolics Limited

Our efforts to enhance shareholder value are persistent and strategic. Our investments in digital transformation, efficient energy utilisation and value optimisation of co-products will drive growth and improve shareholder value.

Executive Director Deepak Phenolics LimitedMeghav D. Mehta

CORPORATE OVERVIEWTrusted by Customers Globally

BUSINESS SEGMENT OVERVIEWDelivering Sustainable Solutions for Diverse Needs

Financial Capital

Financial capital refers to the monetary value that a company acquires from capital providers. This capital is utilised to facilitate business operations and generate profits, which are subsequently distributed among shareholders. Additionally, it serves as a means to finance future business activities and support the company’s growth plans.

Value created/enhanced

4,000+ Crores

Net worth

Debt Free
(Net Basis)

Dividend of ₹ 7.50 per equity share (375%) of ₹ 2.00 each for FY 2022-23 aggregating ₹ 102.29 Crores

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Manufactured Capital

Manufactured capital encompasses the tangible and intangible infrastructure employed by the company to generate value through business activities. We are diligently overseeing our capital investments to cultivate a collection of assets that contribute to creating value for our customers.

Value created/enhanced

1 + MN

Metric Tonnes of Products Manufactured


High Quality Products


Product Variants

9.2 MN

Manhours without loss time incident at Phenols facility

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Social & Relationship Capital

Our stakeholder relationships within the value chain and local communities are vital for long-term value creation and securing social approval for our operations. By fostering strong connections and engaging with our stakeholders, we build trust, enhance collaboration and generate positive social impact.

Value created/enhanced


Lives improved through our CSR initiatives


Customers across



Long-term Customer Relations

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Human Capital

This comprises of the collective skills and experience of our workforce and plays a pivotal role in adding value to our business outcomes. It is the knowledge, expertise, creativity and dedication of our employees that drive innovation, productivity and ultimately contribute to our success.

Value created/enhanced


Employee Engagement Score

1.50+ Crores

Revenue per Employee


Strong Workforce

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Natural Capital

We recognise our reliance on the utilities and resources provided by nature and are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, minimising our impact on the natural environment.

Value created/enhanced

4,20,000++ KL

Water Reused and Recycled


Reduction in GHG Emission


Score in TfS by Dahej Division

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Intellectual Capital

This encompasses our proprietary knowledge and the innovations we drive to enhance our offerings. By leveraging our intellectual capital, we are able to add significant value to our business outcomes. Through the effective management and utilisation of our intellectual capital, we aim to stay at the forefront of innovation, maintain a competitive edge and drive sustainable growth.

Value created/enhanced


New product/ process launched


No. of Cumulative Patents Granted


Software Systems in use for Digitalisation of Processes

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Performance SnapshotDriving Consistent Value-creation

  • Delivered marked improvement across various parameters
  • Sustained increase in return ratios, with debt levels at all-time low
  • Demonstrated strength of efficient manufacturing model with adequate backward integration and depth of multi-year relationships with key customers

Communique of Director (Finance) & Group CFO

Our success can be attributed to our balanced revenue growth strategy, which includes diversification across products, end-user segments, customers and geographies. This is interwoven with a focus on sustainability to ensure that we are meeting the needs of customers while respecting our commitments to our people, the environment and the communities within which we operate.

Director (Finance) & Group CFOShri Sanjay Upadhyay

Innovative Manufacturing: Building Resilience through Intelligence


Cyber Security Risk Mitigation Strategy


Strengthening Commitment to Sustainable Development


Value Creation Model




Harnessing Opportunities in the Indian Chemical Industry

India’s chemical industry has grown significantly owing to burgeoning demand growth and generating wealth for shareholders on a global scale. The industry is positioned to further expand its presence in both consumption and manufacturing worldwide.

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STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTWorking Together for Sustainable Growth

We have identified our key stakeholders as individuals, groups, or organisations who are directly affected by our activities, as well as those anticipated to be reasonably affected as well as those who affect our business.

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RISK MANAGEMENTAdopting a Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy

We have established a robust risk management framework to monitor the risks and uncertainties that our business faces. Our approach is centred around creating and safeguarding value, ensuring that we proactively manage potential challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

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STRATEGYOur strategy for better tomorrow


GOVERNANCEEthics, Transparency and Integrity, pillars for our success


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