Annual Integrated Report 2022-23


Financially strong, ready for next giant leap.

At Deepak Nitrite, we intend to provide optimum returns to the providers of our financial capital. Our prudent financial management enables us to navigate through business downturns and ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

Material issues addressed

  • Growth and profitability

Key risks considered

  • Business risk
  • Funding risk

SDGs impacted

Managing our financial capital

We have a robust financial management strategy that assesses the requirement of funds for sustainable business operations as well as investments towards growth opportunities. Our focus is on delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders despite economic challenges or industry upheavals. Regular investments are made in our manufacturing and intellectual capital to deliver quality products to our customers; human and social capital for the well-being of our employees and communities; and natural capital for promoting environmentally responsible behaviour. These investments are made in a carefully balanced and calibrated manner to achieve financial objectives.

We ensure adequate liquidity, optimal cost of funds and maintain healthy gearing ratios. Our aim is to maintain a strong balance sheet through proactive liability management. We also review all our investments based on our stringent capital allocation framework to maximise shareholder returns

Performance in FY 2022-23

  • Reported strong revenue growth despite a challenging external environment marked by rising prices of key raw materials, high logistics costs and supply chain disruptions due to the Russia-Ukraine war
  • Revenue of ₹ 8,020 Crores in FY 2022-23 owing to stable customer demand and high plant efficiency with all plants operating at high utilisation rates
  • The Phenol plant recorded a utilisation rate of more than 120% and achieved the highest-ever quarterly domestic sales with highest daily phenol production. In January 2023, we crossed the milestone of 1 million tonnes of phenol production on a cumulative basis since inception
  • EBITDA performance was impacted due to a combination of internal and external factors such as high input costs, disrupted global demand and supply and fire at Nandesari Plant which caused non-availability for about 40 days
  • The Board of Directors has recommended a Final Dividend of ₹ 7.50 (375%) per equity share of ₹ 2.00 each for FY 2022-23
  • On a consolidated basis, Deepak remains debt free with a net worth of ₹ 4,090 Crores thereby strengthening its balance sheet for future expansion

Value creation

Consistently rewarded shareholders

Excellence in execution

Sustained Increase in return ratios, with zero debt levels

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